Modern Home Office Designs

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The Best Modern Home Office Designs

Many people have a dedicated room that is used as a home office, either because they work from home or they simply want to have a separate space to work on various computer and internet related projects. office designsOne of the most important requirements of modern home office design is a quiet atmosphere, especially if the space will be used as a work-at-home area.

The size of an efficient home office can vary considerably with thoughtful placement of a computer desk, chair, files, shelves and electronic components. Even a relatively small room can function well as a work area, but some people may feel claustrophobic in a limited space. If the room has a couple generously sized windows facing an outdoor green space, the room will feel more open.

Most people feel more energetic when they are exposed to adequate natural light. If the windows in the room are facing east, the morning sun can give the work-at-home employee a bright start. This offers an uplifting atmosphere that fosters creativity and results in good productivity.


While natural light is important, lighting sources are also important on cloudy days or evening work hours. Lighting should be sufficient for good vision, but not too bright or glaring. Too much light can cause eyestrain and a feeling of tiredness, so the light should be indirect and muted.

The color of the office walls can have a considerable affect on your energy level. Bright white walls tend to be too glaring, but soft whites or pastels can make the room appear more spacious. Certain colors can affect your mood, so an accent wall can be chosen according to your own personality and needs. Intense colors should be avoided, but yellows and oranges foster a feeling of energy and creativity. Blues and greens are calming and can be a good choice for people who have a high stress job.

home office designsOne of the most important requirements of modern home office design is quiet. If you work-at-home, you may sometimes want to have some background music going, but you must also be able to close your space off from the rest of the home. If there are children or pets living in the home, the office should be sufficiently separated from the family room or play areas.

Companies are increasingly offering work-at-home options for their employees. This is a great option for many people, but the arrangement will not work if a proper work space is not available. Offsite employees must have the ability to concentrate and be creative and productive. While the home office does not need to be large, these features do affect how successful the arrangement is.

Not every home office is created for work-at-home employees. Many people just need a dedicated room to keep their computer and other office equipment. Every homeowner has important documents and correspondence that need to be organized and filed for easy access whenever they might be needed.

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