Modern Interior Design – An Introduction

Modern Interior Design

Planning on redecorating your home ?

There are several interior design styles which are popular right now and may provide you ideas for your own space. Most interior designers blend elements from several styles when they decorate a home or office. If you are planning on doing your own interior design, it will be helpful if you are familiar with the most popular styles. Whether you design your own decor or work with a professional interior designer, you want your home to reflect your personal style.

modern interior designIndustrial

This is a design style that has grown in popularity over the last several years. The look reminds one of the industrial era at the turn of the century. There is a liberal use of distressed wood with exposed steel. Exposed brick is frequently used and copper accents are a modern addition. Industrial design is about exposed, raw materials accented with metals and recycled or distressed wood.


This design style is very minimalist. This popular design style features clean, simple lines with gentle contours. It is accented by playful colors. The style is timeless and works well in any area of your home. Consider layering fur or fabrics onto wood or glass for a cool, modern look.

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-1900’s were a heyday for modern interior design. Minimalist and refined, this design style emphasized natural shapes. Many of the new materials were integrated into these designs including plywood, molded plastic, and aluminum. The result of this design style can range from retro and edgy to pretty and charming. It is best to not overdo the number of pieces and to minimize clutter.


This is a design style that captures an adventurous and carefree spirit. Creative use of vibrant colors and rich patterns result in a beautiful, warm ambiance. It is important to carefully choose the colors and patterns to present a look that is messy yet warm. Pieces can come from a variety of backgrounds and popular pieces include Southwestern, Moroccan, and other tribal influences.


Another popular design style is the nautical decor. This style creates a relaxing environment which is reminiscent of a beach house. The color foundation is mostly blue and white, although sand or taupe are also used. Materials include linen and unfinished wood. Accents are typically something beachy such as jute ropes, seashells, navigational maps and rowing oars. Sailboat-themed decor is also popular with this style.

Farmhouse Or Country

This design style is the modern version of the log cabin or rustic style. This style combines traditional country elements with French countryside accents. Furniture in the farmhouse style includes upholstered furniture and distressed wood. Foundation colors are usually beige and white with yellow and turquoise accents.

Shabby Chic

This style makes use of flea market finds. Furniture is usually distressed or painted wood that exhibits signs of wear and tear. The decorative accents should be opulent and soft with colors that include ecru, white, and pastels.

Choosing interior design styles is important when redecorating your home. Choose features which reflect your personal style to create a look that is uniquely your own.

Use Modern Home Decor To Create An Inviting Retreat


They say that your home is your castle, but that doesn’t mean you have to decorate it like one! You can use modern home decor to create an inviting retreat for you and the other members of your household. By investing some time into developing a theme for your home, and each room in it, you are sure to appreciate coming home at the end of a long day at work!

modern interior designHaving a plan in mind is important as you begin your shopping list. This way, you can ensure that all of your pieces look great together. For many folks, starting with one room is the easiest way to go. No matter what room you choose, you need to start by picking out the colors and styles that reflect your intentions.

If you are not familiar with color planning, you can find simple directions and instructions for how to use the color wheel. However, most modern themes include some neutral colors for the base of decorating. For instance, black, ivory, brown and white will allow your other colors to stand out.

Then, you can use accent pieces in your chosen color scheme to bring the room to life. Doing so will also allow you to easily make seasonal changes for the room. An ivory couch with throw pillows reflecting the time of year or holidays you are celebrating is just one idea you can use.

Lamps and mirrors are an important aspect of the modern decorating themes. Used correctly, you can brighten up every room in your home and make it appear more spacious. The mirrors will reflect light from windows and lamps, increasing illumination without additional lights.

Your modern home can also use decorative themes to create a personalized feel in one or more rooms. For instance, if you have a science fiction buff in your home, you can use that to create a special bedroom. Galaxy drapes and throw rugs along with some fan-based wall art are all you need to begin the transformation!

Whether or not you opt to use such themes depends on the likes and interests of the folks in your household. Either way, don’t forget to add metallic accent pieces that reflect a modern feel throughout. However, don’t go overboard on these as a little goes a long way!

You can also add plants in strategic locations to make your home more inviting. Large potted plants by the front door can be used to aid in the transition from the outside world to your living room or other entryways. Real plants keep the air cleaner and bring life into any room.

As you are shopping around for your new decor pieces, make a list of those ideas that you find most intriguing. You can use decorating software to help you visualize how certain items will fit together in each room. Have fun with your decorating endeavors. In the end, you will be happy with the way your home looks, as will other members of your household and guests you invite over. Enjoy!

One of the core elements of today’s contemporary society is the aspect of high-quality aesthetics. The issue of aesthetic appearance is crucial to nearly every part of the modern person’s life, ranging from their social appearance to their residential property.

modern interior designFor the majority of homeowners in the 21st century, the modern home interior design has become one of the most popular styles. Not only is this style sleek and convenient, but it also introduces the individual as one of the trendier people in the community. How do you implement this design and create the modern lifestyle look?

Using Clean Lines

When imagining a modern style, part of its design is using clean and sharp lines. This basic element is simple, sleek and needs strong architectural lines, which are easily achieved by using a uncluttered linear look. It is rare to find highly ornate or intricate printed fabrics in this type of design. Instead, clear and clean geometric elements are used along with a neutral finishing. Remember, the key to all modern designs is simplicity and clarity.

Using Wood Tones

The use of wood tones is not the most common element but using elements of wood will work well with the clear and sleek lines within the decor. When opting for a bold and clean design, it is always beneficial to use wooden accents in the design to add a sense of warmth and comfort.

Typically, darker tones such as mahogany and walnut work best, but many people also choose the paler alternatives such as teak or pine to implement a sense of cleanliness. Lighter tones are also highly advantageous when illustrating the strong contrast between metal accents, making the space airy and bright.

Using Metal Accents

Despite the suggestion of wood tones being used, metal accent pieces are quite common when creating a modern home interior design. Whether it is a solitary steel construction placed in the center of the room or a sleek chrome hardware piece across the window frame, the use of metal encapsulates the modern element of contemporary style. Many people choose to add some color alongside a metal accent piece through the use of colored beads or fabrics, however this is not always necessary.

Interior of modern apartment panorama 3d renderColor

It may seem that the modern home renovation design is quite sterile and requires neutral colors, but this is not altogether true. Despite the lack of color, there is always the necessity of adding a personal flair and making your home your own. To personalize your living space, you should use color in some way across the floors or along the metal or wooden structures. Fabrics are available in contrasting or complementary colors, as well as beads and colorful ornaments. A few throw pillows or a patterned throw rug can instantly add color to your room.