Some Trendy Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Rustic Home Decor Ideas To Get You Started

When it comes to home decorating, it can seem that everything takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of thought to create the perfect home. This is part of the reason that the rustic aesthetic has been gaining in popularity for many people in the world. However, the decorating trend is so broad that many people have no idea where to look for rustic home decor ideas.

rustic home decorThankfully, there are a few staples within the rustic world, and most of them can be found very easily in second hand shops, old barns, and even in the home goods section of many major stores. These are distressed wood, old looking lace, mason jars, chalk boards, muted colors, and flowers commonly found in the countryside. All of these elements combine with people’s favorite memories to make a statement that is hard to miss, but that isn’t too hard on their wallet or their time.

One of the most common rustic projects is to find a piece of furniture to reclaim and to re-paint it and give it new life. Muted colors, like a pastel turquoise or a white-wash are often used to ensure that the item will still retain a large amount of character once the next part of the process is begun. The item is then distressed and made to look older, ensuring that older items in the home do not look out of place. Many people also choose to replace the knobs and other hardware on these pieces of furniture with older options that complete the look.

Another popular project is the creation of personalized mason jars for holding different items. Some have words written on them in hot glue and are then fully painted, giving them the shape and look of mason jars, but allowing the contents inside to be disguised and ensuring that the jars fit with any color scheme. Others have chalk labels applied, twine tied around the top, or lace applied to create a much more quaint holder. These are often used for flowers or other elements of nature that the owner wishes to showcase.

A final popular project is the creation of hand-made signs from old barn wood. These signs can take any shape and are often made in varying sizes. They usually have a statement that relates directly to the person who is going to hang them, but they may just showcase art work as well. Many of these are done in chalkboard paint to allow for the message to be changed and to grow with the home instead of encouraging the owner to switch out their decor on a regular basis.

Hopefully these quick rustic decor ideas have been enough to kick start the wheels of imagination in the minds of readers. Using the elements listed and thinking back to the Wild West or even the homes of the 40s will ensure that anyone can pull off these rustic home decor ideas without a hitch.

The Appeal Of Country Kitchen Decor

There are a number of kitchen decor trends that seem to be on the rise and that have a large amount of easy to explain appeal. Among these is the trend of country kitchen decor, which is a style that is very similar to other rustic styles, but one that also emphasizes country living and allows for a bit of a character to be injected into a kitchen based upon the area in which someone lives. This style, therefore, varies a bit from region to region but does have some basic building blocks that stay the same across all regions.

rustic home decorAt it’s core, the country decor moment aims to take homes back to a time when things were much simpler. Patterns are usually themed around things you would see on a farm, not just inside the farm house. This means that animals like chickens, pigs, and cows are all common choices for things like towels, oven mitts, small decorative elements and even, mats that are placed on the table. This has led many people to cover their entire kitchen in the pattern of one animal or another.

However, there are a number of other elements that are particularly interesting in a typical farm that also steal the attention of many people who are making their own country kitchen. These are things like fields of grain, chicken wire, barns, grain silos, and images of old farm houses. These can either be used as the main image for the kitchen, or can be incorporated into minor design elements that are then used to coordinate with other elements as well. These do often vary from region to region as the images of traditional farms do vary depending on the climate in the area and the crops that have been grown as well.

Aside from these patterns, the materials used are also quite similar in a lot of cases. Older woods and galvanized metal are often used to add flair to counters and shelves. Rustic chunks of rock make up impressive sinks, prep areas, and even interesting floors. Finally, the hardware on cabinets, doors, and even appliances is often a weather bronze that lends itself to minor levels of tarnish.

All of the materials used are then combined with earthy colors and the more primitive patterns that were mentioned before to truly bring out the character of the kitchen. Many people opt for a red, black, white, brown, or green color scheme and will often try and match the decor to the view from the lace-trimmed window to the outside.

Overall, the appeal of country kitchen decor lies in the nostalgia that it can bring about and the simplicity that it brings into the owners life. Being able to re-capture childhood memories while making them function and simplifying a modern, busy life is something that appeals to a huge number of people. For others, the ability to salvage things like old stoves and heirloom hardware is something that keeps them coming back to this style time and time again.